Pura Vida Art Training & Supplies Offers Drawing and Painting Classes in Warwick, NY

Drawing and Painting Classes - Grades K thru 12

1 hour 30 minutes • Price varies

The goal of this program is to develop a multitude of skills by studying several different types of medium. Individual Training included painting, drawing, sign design, computer art and a variety of other mediums. This offering is for all ages and all skill levels. We have a capacity to provide specific direction for those who are much younger in their art career and the ability to challenge those who are more advanced. 1 Hour and 30 Minutes.

Free art lessons in March!!!! Our first 8 week program will begin next week.

There are 2 themes for the length of the program. You can choose either: 

  1. Gaming Backgrounds: learn drawing perspective, color and shape by studying landscapes and technical skills. Perfect for all skill levels!
  2. Recreate and Album Cover - we are going to do a series of studies from an album cover of Imagine Dragons. Use the album to study perspective, light, shape and color! 
  • The offering is a weekly schedule with 1.5 hour slots.
  • 3 participants per time allotment.
  • You must sign up for March and April.
  • The monthly cost for this program and $99 per month. 

Our deal is to give you March for free! The booking website will be open later today and our schedule is on our Facebook page! 

Don’t miss out! We have a lot of people lined up already! Check out the service image. An example of a study using minecraft!!!!

99$ per month.

Please note, this class falls under "Multimedia" on our booking site.

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